Woche 3 I week 3 – Yoga

SoulfuelProgram Woche 3 I week 3 – Yoga für Stabilität I Yoga for stability

Wie üblich, gibt es für den Start ins Wochenende Vorschläge für deine Yoga-Praxis. Diese Woche steht das Thema Stabilität im Vordergrund, weshalb auch die gezeigten Asanas dieses Thema verfolgen. Nutze #soulfuelprogram auf Facebook und Instagram und markiere deine Freunde!

As usual – for the start into your weekend, we have some some suggestions for your yoga practice. This week we focused on the topic stability and therefore the shown asanas follow suit. Use #soulfuelprogram and tag your friends!

Woche 1 I week 1 – Yoga

SoulfuelProgram Woche 1 I week 1 – Yoga als Cardio-Training I Yoga as cardio workout

Es ist Freitag und wir starten mit der Yogapraxis – zuerst Yoga als Cardio-Training! Der Sonnengruß ist als Asana-Abfolge, um das Herz-Kreislauf-System anzuregen, ein super Start in den Tag und stärkt und dehnt die Muskeln deines Körpers. Übe den Sonnengruß ein paar Runden und du wirst merken, wie dein Körper (und Geist) in Schwung kommt. Zu Beginn kann die Abfolge etwas ungewohnt sein, aber nach und nach wirst du in den „Flow“ kommen 🙂 Starte am Anfang ruhig langsam und bedacht, so dass du die einzelnen Positionen gut einnehmen und ausrichten kannst – und werde dann in deinem Fluss zügiger (aber nur so, dass dein Atem mitkommt).

It’s Friday and we start with the yoga practice – first of all with yoga as a cardio workout! Sun salutation with its asana sequence is perfect to activate the cardiovascular system, a super start into your day and strengthens and stretches the muscles of your body. Practice sun salutation a few rounds and you will realize how your body (and your mind) gets going. At the beginning, the sequence might be a little unfamiliar but bit by bit you will get into the „flow“ 🙂 Start slowly and deliberately so that you can sink into the single pose and align yourself well – get more and more speed in your practice (but get only as speedy as your breathe is able to catch up).

Murder to the Mind

Murder to the Mind

There are times when your mind is too busy to cope with anything else. The reasons for a mind too busy can be diverse: work commitments, heartbreak, just everyday life. What are potential ways out of such a situation? Sometimes there is just no way just right now. Sometimes it just takes some time to get your head around it. Sometimes it helps to „murder the mind“ with something that is so distracting from work commitments, heartbreak, just everyday life that you cannot think about the things that keep your mind busy. It is not easy to find such a distraction. Really looking for such a distraction might really be counterproductive and just keeps your mind even busier. It might be difficult to be patient at such times but at some point the necessary distraction is just around the corner waiting for you. So it needs a kind of perseverance to get through such a period and it is OK not to be as active or creative or efficient as you would usually be. At the end there is light, there is a way to „murder the mind“.

And then: then there will be something even more active, more creative, more efficient!

Same here… a long time has passed since last post as the mind was too busy to cope with anything else. But it clears now, it’s getting creative and active now. So watch out! The Soulfuel Yoga Team is currently working on something BIG. Revelation is currently planned for September 2017! Until then: some „murder to the mind“ practice!

The Bali Yoga Flow

The Bali Yoga Flow

Spending month April in Bali doing a 300 h Teacher Training. The flow is a little wobbly as after two weeks the body is a little sore. Plus it is very hot in the afternoon sun, so what you actually cannot see are the floods of water running down my body. Anyway – hope you enjoy the flow 🙂