Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for everyone

Over years and years, Yoga has developed continuously. It was mainly a practice to reach a higher state of consciousness. Today yoga is seen more as a comprehensive practice that is open to everyone to reach a state where the body and mind are in harmony.meditation

For most people nowadays yoga is practiced for its asanas (the physical exercise). But it is actually a whole philosophy of life. Age, religion, physical restrictions etc. do not play a role in yoga as everyone can benefit from its healing effects – everyone in his own speed, own variations, adapted to each and everyone’s needs.

When somehow captured in the everyday life – with its speed, hectic, stimuli – practicing yoga has quite a therapeutic effect. With regular yoga practice, it is possible to become a better and more attentive observer of your own body and mind which then helps to cope with everyday life at ease and to better understand own reactions.

The need to deal with stress, makes the practice of yoga an ideal option. As said above, yoga is not just a physical exercise routine, but a combination of our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not an archaic path that only rishis and yogis choose to treat. In fact, yoga can help negotiate the many ups and downs (big and small) of life. What sets yoga apart from other fitness systems is its focus on the mind, body and spirit. Yoga stimulates glands, facilitates cell replacement, improves blood circulation, increases flexibility, detoxifies the system, calms the mind, keeps you energetic, strengthens the body and helps to connect with yourself.

Sounds good? So why not start your practice right away or take it as your new year resolution?


(Inspired by B.K.S. Iyengar and Yamini Muthanna)