Merry Berry Smoothie

Merry Berry Smoothie

Autumn has arrived! The body needs to adjust to the new season and what is better than to boost your immune system with lots of vitamins? Try out our Merry Berry Smoothie!

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Realization that something is missing
Not knowing what it is
Questioning yourself
Displeased with the flow of life

Just one random seed
Planted into your heart

A life changing experience
Relinquishing of faint patterns
Immersing in crystal clear waves

What a surprise!
What an amazement!
Overwhelmed by the rooting
The missing piece completing the mixed up puzzle
It’s just it
Life is flowing
I am
The heart is filled with warmth
Deep and complete
An ever since growing seed
Finding its way

Easy Sun Salutation

Easy Sun Salutation

„If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content“ (Leo Tolstoy)

With this quote in mind, have a look at our first video on YouTube. It is far from perfection but is with content posted to this blog.

When you never or very rarely  see your own body moving, you might be surprised how it actually looks like when you see it.

Therefore, please keep your focus on the flow – and of course try it out by yourself – instead of finding all the flaws and imperfection 🙂

Hope you enjoy it and more will follow on our YouTube Channel Soulfuel Yoga – you are happily invited to follow us there as well!

Check out the first video here:


Grow into teaching

Grow into teaching

When I started to teach I usually spent a lot of time preparing the class. I was a little scared because of so much responsibility for so many strangers in one room. So I wrote down each asana and each transition between the asanas. And I decided how many minutes it would take to get in and out of an asana. And because I wanted the greatest experience for my students, I put a lot of asanas in one flow. Only to realize in class that my plan would not work out the way I designed it. All these individuals with all their individual needs and bodily issues, with their various personalities – and my missing experience to teach – led to classes that were either completely behind the planned flow or to exhaustement of everyone in the room, including myself. In a little flush of impatience I asked one of my teachers if the experiences I had so far with teaching were normal ones. And all he said was that I need to grow into teaching, it will come. And eventually he was right – of course.100_0054 It took a little while but as soon as I gave myself the opportunity to grow into teaching, it was much easier and my fear and excitement before class disappeared. I did not feel the necessity to plan each and every class in each and every detail but more and more a flow just developed during class, influenced by all these individuals and their individual needs in that particular class. Taking in on that vibe when entering the room is the most exciting moment. And giving in on that vibe possibly allows for the best yoga experience for both the students and the teacher. Therefore, if you have just started to be a yoga teacher, try not to be impatient with yourself but give yourself the time to grow. Take on whatever your students might give to you – as most likely you will experience that the path you walk together is a learning experience for both, that you can feed each other, that you grow together. And in the end – there is no end of learning and growing but it is an ongoing process as long as you cherish the fruits of learning and growing.