Every August, the Earth is crossing the path of comet Swift-Tuttle and its dust particles allow us to watch an army of falling stars during some nights. In my childhood I was told, that for each falling star I see I can make a wish. But how often do I really make a wish – spoken or just unspoken? Consciously or unconsciously? Is there a right or wrong way of making a wish? And what is making a wish come true?


The secret for making a wish to come true is to just let go, to trust – yourself and the power of the universe – , and to convince your active mind that there are no limits with regards to your wishes.

It sounds so easy and is yet so difficult to transfer into real life. When rushing through everyday life, it sometimes seems to be an unsolvable task and a wish is made with a hasty mind, spoken or unspoken, conciously or unconsciously. Watching a falling star means you stop for a moment and your mind is focused on making that particular wish – even if it is just a very short moment. The wish is then let go with the falling star burning. And perhaps, because you were told during your childhood many times that each falling star means one wish, the mind is quieted down and is convinced that the wish you made is actually coming true.

So how can you bring yourself in a situation as if you are watching falling stars?
There are many books that explain the secrets for making wishes come true in greater detail and they also describe a lot of positive examples. But it is mostly very practical advice of how to correctly formulate a wish and only little hint as to how letting go, finding trust and convincing your mind – that is how to find yourself in a situation as if you are watching falling stars.
In my opinion, practicing yoga is one way (possibly one of many ways) to get closer to this situation as getting into a yoga pose for me means…
… to let go: which is a bodily reaction when my muscles relax from a state of tension – and if I want or need to let go I just need to think about that bodily reaction I feel during my practice.
… to trust: which is the trust that my body is able to do a certain asana, that I am not getting hurt as there is a natural limit that prevents any harm – and I try to transfer that trust into my everyday life.
…to quiet down: which means to quiet down my active mind – resulting in a state in which other sensations can take over.

Therefore, my yoga practice offer all means of help to get myself into a situation as if I am watching falling stars. And perhaps the one or the other wish might be coming true at some point in life.

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