Realization that something is missing
Not knowing what it is
Questioning yourself
Displeased with the flow of life

Just one random seed
Planted into your heart

A life changing experience
Relinquishing of faint patterns
Immersing in crystal clear waves

What a surprise!
What an amazement!
Overwhelmed by the rooting
The missing piece completing the mixed up puzzle
It’s just it
Life is flowing
I am
The heart is filled with warmth
Deep and complete
An ever since growing seed
Finding its way



Light will guide your path.
A sun’s origin.
Mirrored in salt water.
Reflected from a window.
With squinted eyes.
So bright. Illumination at its best.
In your heart. At all time.


Even if the mirror’s blind.
Even if reflection’s shaded.
Open your eyes.
And you’ll find your path.