Top 5 Ubud Restaurant Picks

Top 5 Ubud Restaurant Picks

Here is my personal top 5 of places to eat out in Ubud, Bali – I am counting them down to my number one spot. If you are traveling there, check them out!

Top 5:   Biah Biah

IMG_0009Small restaurant, cosy, good wifi, reasonably priced food and drinks.

Favorite dish: ayam soto

Top 4:    Sopa

IMG_0007Also a small restaurant slightly aside from the town bustling, good wifi, cheap food and drinks.

Favorite dish: mixed platter (you choose what you like from their counter)

Top 3:    Atman

IMG_2924Situated on one of the busier streets with nice seating inside and outside. Good wifi. Food and drinks come a little more expensive – but is very good.

Favorite dish: chicken satay

Top 2:   Kafe

OnlyIMG_2925 a few meters away from Atman you can sit inside and outside. Good wifi. Even a little more expensive than Atman but bigger choice of food and drinks.

Favourite dish: Californian burrito

Top 1:    Kismet

IMG_0002Aside from the main roads you find nice seatings inside and outside. The menu is awesome and you have good wifi. Pricing is comparable to Atman.

Favorite dish: Paneer Tikka Masala