Die Idee / The idea

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The idea to create an „Online FeelGood Program“ has been already haunting me for a long time. Together with Jana (nutritionist) the opportunity has now emerged to compile the program and to work on meaningful content. We had intense discussions, we took photos, we did some filming and laughed a lot and now we can finally start with the SoulfuelProgram. The first feeds will start on 04th September 2017 – so mark that date in your calendar:-)

What is the SoulfuelProgram?

Over 6 weeks we will present to you functional workouts, recipes and yoga asanas to a particular topic each week which you can practice at home, outside, with friends or by your own. Within these 6 weeks the program e.g. includes cardio training, strengthening and increasing of your flexibility. You can document and share your sessions, your achievements and your own (training) ideas via social media (Facebook and Instagram) using #soulfuelprogram. After the first 6 weeks, you can start all over again and increase your training level bit by bit. In addition, after the first 6 weeks, we offer workshops where in-depth tips & tricks are discussed, adjustments take place and on site food preparation is part of the package. The workshop dates will be posted here very soon! Look forward to it!

Sooooo… be part of the game, share the information with the hashtag #soulfuelprogram and be an active part of the SoulfuelProgram-Community! We are definitely looking forward to meeting you (live and in color at the workshops)!

See you soon,

Véronique & Jana